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I am a grumpy old woman who is fed up with the stupid way people conduct business. This blog is for me to moan about the abysmal service many companies consider acceptable and politely point out what they might do about improving my life and their profits.

***** banks

This week’s winner of the ILikeShouting wooden spoon for worst customer service is Lloyds TSB for their brilliant on-line security which protects my money so well I can’t spend it. Great. Advertisements

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For evil to triumph it is only necessary for good men (and women of course) to do nothing.

Sometimes I feel almost hopeful that things will change. Honest people who do good stuff will get a fair crack of the whip. And then the old vested interests just shift up a gear and take control again. It’s the … Continue reading

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This week’s top scorers

Top of my moan list this week is runaway champion UK Mail. If you want to listen to the full kit of complacent non-answers from the customer service team rather than have your packages delivered, these are the guys for … Continue reading

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