Hello world! Grumpy old woman warning

This is a space for me (aka Grumpy Old Woman, but that blog name was already taken) to rant, mainly about companies that have p***** me off recently. There’s no shortage of them. So if you want to know which companies I recommend and which ones to avoid, follow my shouts.

If your company gets mentioned and you object, tough. If you can’t/won’t listen to the opinion of your customers on the service you deliver, you shouldn’t be in business.

Nothing I post on this blog will be untrue. I will only post anecdotes other than my own experience from sources I trust, and if it isn’t my own experience, I will say so. So while what’s posted here may be subjective, it is not vindictive.  What I’m trying to do is lobby for action to improve business effectiveness. I’m trying to make big businesses care for their staff and their customers like small businesses do. That seems to me something worth shouting about.


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