Hello world! Grumpy old woman warning

This is a space for me (aka Grumpy Old Woman, but that blog name was already taken) to rant.

These days I am mostly ranting about British politics, but I will also rant about companies that have p***** me off recently.

What’s posted here may be subjective, but it is not vindictive. I will always attempt to be constructive. But I cannot hide the fact that I am dismayed by the way politics has gone throughout my lifetime, and how much hard-won power ordinary people have allowed to slip back into the hands of the wealthy. I am dismayed by the breath-taking inequality which places 82% of the world’s wealth in the hands of 1% of the world’s population. I am dismayed to see young people sleeping rough on the streets, food banks in every town, and people working stupid hours in meaningless jobs simply to service massive debts. I am dismayed by the callous disregard humanity has for the viability of the natural planetary systems that keep us all alive – from fly-tippers to oil magnates, we treat the atmosphere and the oceans like giant rubbish tips and the earth beneath our feet as one big mine. We take, and take, and give nothing back. How could we have democratically devised a system as unfair, wasteful and crazy as this?

What I’m trying to do is lobby for change – a change of heart, a change of direction. I want people to engage in debate rather than lob verbal missiles from their chosen bunker. I want us to come together to build things rather than joining a mob to tear things down. I want us to be able to trust and respect each other, no matter what our cultural and religious differences, and I think we only achieve that if people consider the consequences of their words and actions before they commit publicly to them. We should all think before we act (or react), and be free to think without fearing for our safety, our jobs or our sanity.   Above all, I want those in power to have the courage to devolve it rather than cling to it – when the great leader’s work is done, the people say ‘we did it ourselves’.

Do what you will. But be very sure that you will it.


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